Regulations on the use of LOANME.PL websites

This document sets out the rules for free use of the LOANMEPOLSKA.PL Website.

The following terms and conditions will apply to Users when using the LOANMEPOLSKA.PL Website and implementing contacts through it with LoanMe Sp. z o.o.

Our websites use cookies.

They use information saved using cookies, among others for advertising and statistical purposes and to adapt our services to the individual needs of users. The user can change cookie settings in the program used to operate the internet. Using our websites without changing the settings for cookies means that they will be saved in the device's memory. More information can be found in our privacy policy and Regulations.

Users should carefully read the following terms of use of LoanMe Websites.


1. Definitions

Capitalized terms, not otherwise defined herein, have the meanings given below:

  1. LoanMe - LoanMe Limited company with its registered office in Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 142B, 02-305 Warsaw, entered by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 16th Commercial Division under the number KRS 0000544100, NIP: 5272729611, share capital equal to paid-up in the amount of PLN 205,000.00;
  2. Website / LoanMe Website - LoanMe websites available on the Internet at and;
  3. User - a natural person of legal age using the LoanMe website;
  4. Regulations - this document, a set of rules governing the use of the LoanMe Website;
  5. Personal Data - all information about the User that he provides in connection with the use of the LoanMe Website, enabling his identification.


2. Content of LoanMe Websites

  1. LoanMe reserves the right to decide on the content posted on the LoanMe Website, including any changes and modifications.
  2. The materials made available by LoanMe on the LoanMe Website are for information and advertising purposes.
  3. LoanMe does not provide electronic loan services via the LoanMe Website.
  4. Through the LoanMe Website, the User may:
    1. initiate contact with LoanMe to obtain information about our corporate activities,
    2. send a CV in response to a job offer.
  5. The materials made available by LoanMe on the LoanMe Website may not be used by Users on terms other than those set out in these Regulations, in particular, they may not be used for commercial purposes (including by copying, sharing, sending, public disclosure, etc.), without obtaining LoanMe's prior written consent.
  6. LoanMe makes available on the LoanMe Website copyrighted materials, including documents, trademarks and other works, in particular texts, photos, graphics, audio and video materials. LoanMe trademarks are protected by law, the infringement of which may result in legal liability.


3. Rules for using LoanMe Websites

  1. Using the LoanMe Website is possible provided that the User has the ICT system and software, including having access to the Internet and an operating system enabling the use of one of the web browsers allowing the use of JavaScript, Cookies, SSL and Java Applets.
  2. When using LoanMe Websites, the User is obliged to:
    • to use the LoanMe Website, in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, generally applicable law and decency;
    • to use materials available on LoanMe Websites only for personal use;
    • not providing unlawful content, contrary to decency, advertising or commercial use as part of using the LoanMe Website.


4. Safety rules

  1. The privacy policy, including information on "Cookie" files, is available on the LoanMe website at:
  2. To increase security when using the Internet, LoanMe recommends that Users have current versions of antivirus software and a "firewall".
  3. Browser security settings should be set to at least medium.
  4. LoanMe warns Users that using old versions of the software is dangerous.
  5. Disabling Cookies does not block the use of the LoanMe Website, but may cause difficulties in connection with the LoanMe Website.


5. Final provisions

  1. These Regulations and the rules contained therein may change, including in the event of changes to existing generally applicable laws or changes of a technological and IT nature affecting the provisions of the Regulations.
  2. LoanMe informs about changes to the Regulations before their entry into force, via a message posted on the LoanMe Website, with the date of entry into force of the changes.
  3. Complaints regarding the use of the LoanMe Website may be submitted in writing to the address of the registered office of LoanMe Sp. z o.o., or by e-mail to the following address: .
  4. The LoanMe website is not a LoanMe complaint channel. LoanMe is not obliged to consider (posted on the Website) statements aimed at complaining about LoanMe services.