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Campaign finale of "LoanMe plays #DoJednejBramkizMaćkiem (#To one goal with Maciek)"

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#DoJednejBramkizMaćkiem (#To one goal with Maciek) is an initiative of the family and friends of a young athlete – Maciek, who as a result of a car accident, has seriously injured his brain. Maciek needs intensive physical therapy and specialist help. LoanMe employees decided to help!

#PomagamzLoanMe (#I help with LoanMe)

Over the last three months, LoanMe has held a financial fundraiser for Maciek. At that time, we organized contests inside our company and beyond. Employees in the office collected almost PLN 1,000 for physical therapy of the young athlete.

„LoanMe Charity Racing” 

A collection at the company's headquarters is not enough. Gerry Blynberg is a French automotive journalist and organizer of the "Prorider Tour" from Paris to St. Tropez. Thanks to LoanMe, he learned about Maciek's story and the involvement of his loved ones. Gerry decided to race for money to cover the costs of physical therapy for the young Pole! At the finish line of the first leg of the race in Lyon, the French journalist gave a check for 5,000 zlotys to pay for Maciek's treatment!

Gerry Blynberg, check, Porsche

Montresor – the heart of Poland in France

Maciek's story also touched Mrs. Maria Rey-Potocka – the owner of a castle in the small town of Montresor, who decided to support Maciek with us. The town has been owned by Poles for over 150 years.

Interview, Montresor

Footage on LoanMe’s channel!

Our LoanMe Charity Racing series, consisting of three episodes covering events from France, has appeared on our YouTube channel. Coverage includes interviews with the main organizer of the "Prorider Tour" – Gerry Blynberg and Mrs. Maria Rey-Potocka. Anna Kordalska reported. We encourage you to watch the footage.

"LoanMe Charity Racing" – episode I

"LoanMe Charity Racing" – episode III

"LoanMe Charytatywnie Racing" - odcinek III

Company life

Charity auction at LoanMe – an interview with the employees of the Center for Day Stay and Social Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities

By organizing charity campaigns, we are able to understand their primary role. Helping others should be a natural part of human life. However, focusing only on people who are usually overlooked in society – confirms the belief that it makes sense. So what do the employees of one of Warsaw’s financial institutions and participants of the Center for Day Stay and Social Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities have in common? Common values like caring for other people.

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#LoanMeDlaAustralii (#LoanMe for Australia) – we are supporting a collection organized by firefighters!

Australia has been fighting wildfires for over three months. So far, the fire has consumed 10,300,000 ha, destroyed 2,000 homes and killed 28 people and 500,000,000 animals! According to the media, 1/3 of the koala population has died in flames. We remind you that they are under protection. Many people and organizations around the world have started supporting and collecting funds for victims in Australia.

Other information

LoanMe is paying off the loans of its clients for the third time

On December 6th, 2019, a contest organized by LoanMe entitled "A Christmas Tale" was launched. The competition is directed to the company's clients. To participate, you need to tell how the loan contributed to fulfilling dreams. The three most interesting stories will be rewarded with a partial write-off!

Promotional and marketing campaigns

"Prorider Tour" – Gerry Blynberg races especially for Maciek!

The "Prorider Tour" is a cyclical and exclusive car event in France. The event has been organized for 3 years, and participants have to travel as much as 1,000 km! During this year's edition, the organizers had a noble goal – the fight for funding physical therapy of a young athlete from Poland.

Promotional and marketing campaigns

LoanMe plays #DoJednejBramkizMaćkiem (#To one goal with Maciek)!

Maciek Koziorowski is a 24-year-old athlete. As a result of a car accident, his brain was seriously injured and he fell into a coma. Maciek needs intensive physical therapy. His family and close friends are doing everything in their powers to help him fight for recovery. This is how the #DoJednejBramkizMaćkiem (#To one goal with Maciek) initiative was created.

Company life

LoanMe is again supporting the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation

Three years ago, together with Joanna Krupa, we organized the first edition of the "Become a Dog Angel" charity banquet. During this event, many Polish celebrities appeared on the red carpet to support the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation. Our volunteers from the "Action-Reaction" team again visited the shelter. This time they went on a walk with their lonely four-legged friends.

Promotional and marketing campaigns

Summer Amber Festival 2019 Finale – LoanMe is the main sponsor of the event

The next edition of the hottest summer event – Summer Amber Festival 2019 – has gone down in history! Seaside concerts in the rhythm of pop music took place successively in Krynica Morska (11/07), Jantar (12-13/07), Jastarnia (24/07), Łeba (27/07) and in Ustka (10/08). LoanMe – for the second time – was the main sponsor of the event.

Promotional and marketing campaigns

Summer Amber Festival in Łeba turned out to be another success!

Behind us is the latest installment of this year's hottest summer festival – Summer Amber Festival 2019! This time – in the rhythm of dance music – we visited sunny Łeba! The event was initiated with the performance of an unusual trio – Projekt HUBAS band!

Promotional and marketing campaigns

The grand opening of Summer Amber Festival 2019 is behind us!

Summer Amber Festival 2019 is another edition of seaside concerts in the rhythm of dance music. The grand opening of this wonderful event is behind us! We have already visited the first sunny cities of Krynica Morska (11/07/2019) and Jantar (12-13/07/2019). Thank you for a great party!

Promotional and marketing campaigns

The third edition of the Summer Amber Festival 2019 has gone down in history!

On Wednesday, July 24th, the fishing port of Jastarnia resounded with disco & dance music. The third edition of the Summer Amber Festival took place there. The party began with a performance from the young band "Project HUBAS", which attracted crowds below the stage with the sounds of guitars.

Company life

LoanMe at the press conference of the nationwide program “Company of the Year 2019”!

"Company of the Year" is a nationwide program organized by the Central National Certification Bureau for the past 17 years. This title confirms the reliability and quality of products and services offered. The winners are selected by an independent commission composed of representatives of the National Certification, for which the priority is the good of clients.