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"Become a Dog Angel" charity banquet

The Dog Angel Asylum Foundation provides treatment and adoption services to wounded and abandoned animals from Warsaw and the surrounding area. The shelter promotes a transparent, charitable model for solving the problem of homeless dogs and cats in accordance with the European Convention for the Protection of Domestic Animals. The organization is known for helping other shelters and foundations supporting abused animals.

One of the initiatives we proudly supported was Joanna Krupa’s charity campaign for animals from the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation. Many Polish celebrities as well as foreign guests appeared at the "Become a Dog Angel" charity banquet. All this in order to provide proceeds to animals from the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation.

At the event organized by Joanna Krupa, the following, among others, were in attendance: Beril Akcay, Dawid Woliński, Marcin Tyszka, Karolina Korwin-Piotrowska, Dorota Williams, Bartosz Węglarczyk and Leszek Stanek.

We were there too!

Our employees have demonstrated great initiative and donated 25,000 zlotys to animals in the care of the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation.

In the photo below: Joanna Krupa – the initiator of the action, Conrado Moreno – the host of the banquet, Mariusz Tauber – Dog Angel Asylum Foundation Board Member and a delegation of LoanMe employees.


During the banquet, an auction has held. A jacket designed for Martini by Dawid Woliński and a BOHOBOCO dress, in which Joanna Krupa appeared during the final of the sixth edition of Top Model, were auctioned off.

We also took active part in auction! All income collected during the auction was transferred to the foundation.

Our employees took care of the proper course of the lottery for donors who decided to buy a "brick" for the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation. Attractive prizes were funded by the event's partners.


We are proud that we were able to cooperate with Joanna Krupa, whose good heart and activities for animals are invaluable. The model helps many foundations and is active as a member of the PETA Association. She has been associated with the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation for many years.

Thanks to the funds collected together, more animals will get a chance to find a good home and have access to more advanced medical care.

Dawid Woliński and Beril Akcay (USA) also appeared at the party. They are devoted friends of Joanna Krupa and some of the better known animal rights activists in Poland and the United States.


Our reporter was on site to ask the stars about the possibility of charity activities in Poland. In the picture: Marcin Tyszka – fashion photographer.


The mission of the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation is to provide shelter, medical care and a better home for abandoned, often sick and injured animals.

The goal of the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation accompanied us every minute of this amazing event!


Music stars also supported the "Become a Dog Angel" initiative. We had the pleasure to work with Kasia Stankiewicz, who graced the evening with her performance.


We personally supervised the process of transferring donations from the purchase of banquet tickets to Mr. Mariusz Tauber – a representative of the Dog Angel Asylum Foundation.